Laroca Rye

Laroca Rye, is a 25 year old singer from Baguio in the Philippines, 4000 feet up in the Cordillera Mountains. Her horse owning parents are both talented country music singers. Exposed to such a musical environment, she started singing at an early age and while still in school began to get a reputation for outstanding brilliance- quite a feat in a country celebrated internationally for its world class musicians and vocalists.

After appearing in a contest for Best Country Singer that her parents encouraged her to enter. Astonishing everyone, Laroca, an unknown newcomer age 19, pitted against famous and seasoned musicians, was crowned winner by unanimous decision. This led to a rapid increase in visibility. The Country Radio Station gave her a weekly feature program which brought her to the attention of nationally known DJ Ramón “The Doctor of Rock”, Zialcita. When Michael Ephron, attracted by the virtuosity of Filipino artists was auditioning vocalists to record his new songs, the Doctor recommended Laroca. The two hit it off despite completely different music backgrounds. Michael is an avant-garde Jazzer who had moved into funk and then into a genre free approach to music. Loryza had only Country, Pop and Rock experience. For four years they crafted their Album, Sweet Bitter Dreams, in Soundrite studios, Manila with the cream of superb Filipino studio musicians. The music jumps into many areas, Funk, Rock, Country, Latin, Jazz, ballads-12 songs revealing her amazing range of voices and an ever expanding talent for interpretation. Laroca brings the emotions within the songs alive and transports listeners along with her.

A skilled performer, she has appeared in numerous clubs and Festivals, wooing audiences with her electrifying presence. To widen her horizons, she recently moved to London. Though she had to start building up her reputation anew, she has already started to make a powerful impact and is in growing demand in Southwest London where she lives.

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